Rachel Hess is the Director of Track to Tranquility Equestrian Program, officially opened in December of 2013. With the support of her fellow horsewomen and horsemen, she has been able to successfully build a team of  professionals, adults, and young amateurs whom all strive for their own different personal goals, but tie their similarities together to help one another, which always leads back to the main desire; to understand how to work with ex-racehorses, relate to them, bond with them, bring out their individual personalities and talents, and to show the world just what these phenomenal athletes are capable of.

Rachel has had a successful 14+ years of both training and competing in primarily Dressage, Equitation, Hunters, and Jumpers. It started with her deep love for her first “OTTB” gelding “Conquestor”, an unruly gelding who  going proved the size of his heart the first day the two met. Through many ups and downs, together they  achieved some lifetime goals and came an extremely long way as a team. The two attended and audited several clinics with a few of her idol athletes: Nona Garson, Frank Madden, and the god-father himself, George Morris. Rachel and “Luke” created an inseparable bond over the 5 short years they spent together. After losing him to a severe colic in 2008, Rachel’s beloved partner left such an impact on her life she spent the following years expanding her knowledge and understanding for not only the sport, but she took an even stronger focus to the off-the-track Thoroughbreds who had, for a long time, been deeply misunderstood after leaving their track life.

Rachel was always an active member of the Gloucester County 4-H during her youth, and she also has currently maintained memberships with USEF, USDF, and USHJA year after year. She has competed at both local and rated show of various levels and disciplines, and chose to focus on bringing up young horses both in the schooling ring and the show ring, rather than herself and her personal levels for the majority of her career. Over several years of her young-adulthood, Rachel worked very closely under her former trainer to gain a strong knowledge of barn management and how to be a successful, reputable, horsewoman herself early on. She has proven to be a promising horsewoman who strives to constantly broaden her knowledge, share her experiences, and deliver excellent, quality horses that deserve the chance for secondary careers as well as loving partners after their racing careers have ended.

She has worked with numerous horses over the years from start to finish, of various breeds and disciplines, developing a keen sense of feel and riding ability. Naturally, Rachel took a stronger liking to the off-the-track thoroughbreds and how they made her sharper. “Thoroughbreds have the ability to teach us much more than we teach them, if we’ll only just take a minute to ‘listen’ to what they’re saying through their body language” she often says. As a result, her passion lies not only in the training and up-bringing of these young four-legged athletes, but of the two-legged kind as well. Her teachings are primarily on the basic understanding and knowledge of both our bodies as the “pilot” and our horses as a unified pair, learning at an appropriate, steady-paced training and lesson program.