Track to Tranquility Equestrian Program offers a professional yet friendly atmosphere for not only our horses to learn and improve at their very best always, but for our friends, fellow professionals, students and volunteers to be able to peacefully enjoy their time with us.  We are proud to have a beautiful, privately-owned facility to be able to run our operations out of. This facility has a total of 75 acres, which are fully enclosed with no-climb perimeter fencing surrounding the barn and paddocks for additional safety. There are 2 barns with both group paddocks (2-4 horses per paddock) and private paddocks, complete with spacious run-in sheds and ample grass (all on a rotational schedule).  We also have an outdoor riding arena, two round pens for join-up or lunging, a lighted indoor arena complete with a viewing lounge and a restroom, and both hot and cold water areas for convenient washing in both cold and warm temperatures. Located in Swedesboro, NJ, this facility is easily accessible from all major highways, is centrally located around various multi-discipline events and showgrounds.

At Track to Tranquility Equestrian Program we work with Off-Track-Thoroughbreds to create new lives for them, give them greater opportunities in the sport horse world, and to also match them with their perfect partners when we have available horses for sale.We are proud to be a small partner farm with Turning For Home, a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that has provided over 1,300+ racehorses with a safe retirement since opening in May 2008. As a result of the overwhelming support and amazing opportunities we have come across since opening our doors in December of 2013, we have been fortunate enough to find homes for more than 60+ horses!


Track to Tranquility Equestrian Program takes on the responsibility of being a rehab facility as well when necessary. This is extremely important for the horses that get to have second chances at new careers, after they retire with less than perfect career endings and need a bit more than just training for a new career. This is all a huge thanks to our Breeders, Owners, Trainers, as well as the great team at Turning for Home for taking such wonderful care of these new retirees. It is crucial for horses to have a safe landing after retiring from their racing careers, regardless of their performance while on the track, and to have a quiet atmosphere for necessary hand-walking, stall rest and (when cleared for it) the beginning of their turnout time. After completing their “down time” at our rehab facility, our horses then transition to our main facility to begin to go on to have larger, group turnout time, as well as beginning their under saddle training with us.

We continue to cross-train our horses for various disciplines with one common factor, our dressage-based foundation. Every horse learns differently, and has different needs than others, and we understand that and tune in to the horses. Our horses learn at their own pace, and while some learn quicker than others, we get to know each horse and love each horse for the individual it is. At Track to Tranquility we always do what’s best for our horses to give them greater opportunities in every discipline possible, whether that be for dressage, hunters, jumpers, eventing, trail riding, western riding.. you name it! Whether our horses are being rehabbed from an injury that occurred during their racing career, or they are ready to enter into our training program to be properly re-started under saddle and/or over fences, the retired racehorses that enter our program quickly adapt to life “from the track to tranquility“.